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    Module Visionary Leadership

    In Cooperation with Concogent Coaching we created a 3 day intensive called "Visionary Leadership". During the module, students gain deeper knowledge into their own mind and mindset, formulate their personal and professional goals and learn interactively, how to steer a group of people towards a common goal.


    The module is currently in its 4th iteration at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.


    After seeing the tremendous impact for the students of our module, we are currently looking into helping other universities in creating a similar experience. So if you are considering deepening the aspect of authentic leadership at your university, please contact us.


    For a more detailed impression please find the student feedback below.

  • What students had to say...

    Michael, Success Manager

    Participant Visionary leadership 2018

    Master Degree business development

    "I went to the seminar without any expectations. But what I found there was in the end something of the best - something with a real impact on my mindset. Thank you!"

    Katja, Business Development

    Participant Visionary leadership 2018

    Master Degree business development

    "Best event of the whole university time! Thank you for the great workshop. Keep it going."

    Philipp, Product Development

    Participant Visionary leadership 2017

    Master Degree business development

    "I'm glad to inform you that our group will pursue the vision and started to search for options and undergo a pilot in Switzerland. As you can see your sessions had an influence. Somehow you guys provided the self-confidence to finally kick-off with many of my ideas which have remained unimplemented so far."

    Caroline, Marketing & Communication

    Participant Visionary leadership 2015

    Master Degree business development

    "Thank you so much for showing me that I can actually go for what I want. I always thought that I would have to wait before I can go forth with my plan, but your module showed me that it is ok to not know everything beforehand and still make the first step."

    Oliver, Sales & Product Manager

    Participant Visionary leadership 2017

    Master Degree business development

    "I felt like you guided us in a well-reflected and constructive manner through the whole process. My personal highlight has been working on real business visions from fellow students in teams. Consequently, my expectations for this course have been exceeded."

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