• About the Inside Out Understanding

    The Inside Out Understanding explains in simple terms how humans create their own experience in life. This understanding was first articulated by Sydney Banks. Sydney had a profound enlightenment experience during which he saw that everything we are experiencing is being crafted by our thinking from the inside-out.

    Understanding the principles can be truly transformational and empowering. The realization of how we experience life from the inside-out has a profound effect on our productivity, creativity and resilience. It helps us to clear our busy minds, remove stress, and achieve more results in life and work.

    Sydney became a world-renowned teacher, author and guide to innovators in such fields as psychology, psychiatry, education, business and even physics.

    This understanding has been taught in fortune 500 companies, schools, universities, county jails and clinics. By today, the sharing of these principles over the last several decades has transformed tens of thousands of lives, countless organizations and many professionals in all areas of life.


    Please check our "Resources" to learn more about Syd Banks and the Inside Out Understanding.

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