• Master Your Role as a Leader

    By learning from the biggest mistakes even experienced leaders make on a daily basis


    in under 40 minutes

  • Taking On A Leadership Position...

    ...can be very challenging, especially in the beginning.


    Keeping your team motivated, creating results, dealing with new responsibilities - and all of that while trying not to stress out about it at the same time. It's a lot!


    Many new leaders experience a lot of pressure to avoid mistakes and to learn everything faster than their team.


    This is why we we created this online course to support you.

  • This Course Is For You

    • if you want to stress less in your role as leader
    • if you just took on a new leadership role or you are about to take on a leadership role
    • if you look for a beginner-friendly course with practical knowledge that you can apply directly in your team
    • if you don't want to waste your money and time on just another leadership seminar with lots of theoretical input
    • if you want to get answers from an expert on your individual questions and challenges
    • if you want to do this course online from home, whenever you want
  • This course will give you the perfect foundation to begin your leadership journey,

    or to take the next steps on the journey you are already on.


    It will help you to become the great leader you want to be.

    All of this, by learning from the biggest mistakes many leaders make for decades.

  • About The Online Course

    We know, we know - there are so many leadership programs and online courses out there. We get that.

    So why should you get exactly this course?

    Learn From Experience

    In this course, we share the biggest mistakes that we have actually seen in the "real world". You learn from mistakes that even expierenced leaders make for decades, so you will be able to avoid these mistakes in your role as a leader from the start.

    Learn Strategies

    You will learn useful strategies on:

    • how to increase the productivity in your team
    • how to drive innovation

    • how to connect with the people in your team

    • ...and more!

    Learn Fast

    The lectures are short and to the point. You can complete this course within 35 minutes.

    This will give you much more space and time to apply your learnings in the "real world".

    Lead Yourself

    Everything starts with yourself. If you know how to lead yourself, you will be able to lead others. You will learn more about your role as a leader and how to be an effective leader with the right mindset.

    This course will give you a great boost to become the leader you want to be for your team, and for yourself.

    Lead Your Team

    Leading your team can be the most challenging part of your role as a leader. Gain practical and easy-to-use knowledge to avoid mistakes.

    No matter if you are leading a team in a school project or running projects with a team in business. The insights in this course can be applied to all kinds of leadership positions.

  • Bonuses

    When you enroll in this online course, you will also benefit from these bonuses

    Access to Q&A

    In the Q&A section of this course, you can directly post your questions which will be answered by the instructor Kai. This way, you will get support on your individual challenges.

    Course completion certification

    When you complete the course, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you can share with your team, co-workers and employers.

    Full lifetime access

    Watch the course videos on demand - anywhere, anytime. You can access the course even on mobile and TV.

  • What Others Say

    Ronda Isaac

    "I enjoyed the course, it was very informative and several subjects and it was easy to follow."

    Divya Balakrishnan

    "Thanks Kai, I really like the inside tips you're sharing. I'm in fact a new leader and I see a lot of things I could do differently! I'm really loving it!"

    Judith Raillard

    "The topic fit perfectly! Kai arranged it beautifully!"

    Matthias Holze

    "It was an awesome course and much different from all the others I attended so far. It was not learning too much theory but rather learning useful insights from others and myself."

  • Meet The Instructor

    Kai Christen

    Kai is an international Leadership-, Sales- and TED-Speakers-Coach with more than 10 years of experience. During this time, he worked with more than 5’000 people in 100+ different companies and universities all over Europe. He still works with leaders on all levels and wants to share valuable insights with new leaders around the globe.


    All his activities are focused on creating a world, where people embrace authenticity and therefore self-awareness as the most powerful way of growing themselves and their businesses.

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