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  • Our Approach

    Disruptive Impact by Understanding the Power of the Human Mind.


    We live in a world full of complexity and uncertainty. In such a world, it is normal for us to live with a feeling of stress. In fact, it almost became "en vogue" to be stressed. The problem is, as we all know, that we do a terrible job when we are in such a low state of mind. Implications are:

    • We are tired
    • We feel like we could do more
    • We feel insecure
    • We are often unfocused
    • We feel overwhelmed
    • Our relationships suffer
    • We lack creativity
    • In short: It often feels like surviving instead of thriving.

    We believe this has to be different. In fact, we know it can be different.


    We aim to approach and solve our clients' problems at their core – the human mind - much rather than dealing with the symptoms. Our approach is simple, straight to the core, and brings about long-lasting change in your life.


    We do this by using the Inside Out Understanding. An understanding that gives you a different perspective on how the mind works. Once you experience how the mind works, your mind tends to quiet down automatically. And a quiet mind makes space for new insight. Ideas and knowledge will bubble up, that bring about long-lasting change in your life.


    So, instead of giving you advice, complicated techniques or methods, we help you see that you are the most powerful source for driving your own transformation and solving your personal challenges with ease. Imagine you could live your life with more clarity of mind and less stress. Unleashing the power of the human mind will help you to thrive and create the relationships and results you want.


    Founded and experienced by Sydney Banks in 1973, the Inside Out Understanding is an approach that has transformed tens of thousands of lives all around the world over the past 40 years. To find out more go to Resources.

  • Your Results.

    Here is what our clients experienced during and after working with us:

    less stress & more energy

    A Ph.D. student told us about his high stress level and the constant pressure he experiences in his work. During our workshop, he realized that his stress is not coming from his work, but it is created by himself, from the inside out. After truly experiencing that, he started to feel much more relaxed and energized. And when he get caught up in his stressful thoughts again, it's now easier for him to get back to the state of relaxation where the mind quiets down. Through that, he works better, is more focused and finally enjoys what is happening in the very moment.

    more confidence

    Our client has been struggling since school to speak in front of people and panicked every time she had to hold a presentation. For years, her fears held her back in her personal and professional life. Experiencing the power of her mind in our coachings and realizing where her fears come from, helped her to let go of them and regain her confidence. She is now a lot more comfortable to speak in front of people and has no panic attacks anymore. She even gives workshops and presentations now on her job.

    more results & creativity

    Coming across the Inside Out Understanding helped our client to elevate his career as a coach to the next level. Instead of being caught up in his own head and thinking of the next technique he could teach, he now has a completely different approach. Today he focuses more on the connection with his client. Through that, he can intuitively feel what his client actually needs and comes up with ideas and solutions that are right and most helpful to the client at that specific moment.

    better relationships

    A client of ours, even though she was very successful in the professional world, still had that nagging feeling of never being part of "the group". Her default believe was that she was not worth spending time with. She always felt like there was a certain distance between her and everybody else. Through learning about the Inside Out Understand she could let go of that feeling more and more. Whenever that old story comes up for her now, it doesn't feel as real anymore and subsides after a few moments. Today, she enjoys a much richer social life and deeper relationships with her co-workers.

  • What Others Say

    What do our participants say about the workshop and what did they take out of it? Have a look and enjoy!

    Matthias, PhD Student

    "It was an awesome workshop and much different from all the others I attended at my university so far. It was not learning too many tools and facts from a teacher but rather learning from others and myself while we explored who we are and how our experience of life works."

  • What We Offer

    We coached people from all walks of life. And we want to keep it that way. So if you felt touched in any way by what we wrote on this website or by connecting with us, our coachings are for you. Let's stress less and create more.


    Our 1-on-1 coachings focus on your needs to help you create the results you want.

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