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    Inside Out Workshop

    with the topic: More Clarity. More Results.


    The next workshop is coming up in March.

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    in Lucerne, Switzerland

  • Upcoming Inside Out Workshops

    2 days
    a group of max. 8 people
    great times filled with connection, insights and inspiration

    More Clarity, More Results

    This is a mental vacation for you that will let you take your private and professional life further. Find your way back from thinking (too much) and start doing. Find your focus again, see clear when you face challenges or make your next decisions - and most importantly, create more results. Meet other amazing people who have similar challenges and stay connected throughout your journeys.

  • Why this is NOT a typical Workshop

    Our workshops are designed to help you gain more clarity in your private and professional life.

    This is an invitation for you to clear your mind and stress less in order for you to overcome your challenges with ease, so you will finally be able to relax more, perform better and enjoy work and life with more clarity.

    Please, have a look at the video to find out why this is NOT a typical workshop.

    No complicated techniques or tools. No hard work. And no magic 7-step-to-success approach.

    This is about sharing an understanding, looking at your life from a new perspectives and gaining new insights.


    Your profound insights will lead to powerful action.

    Do you want to know more about us? Please have a look here.

  • What you can gain from this workshop


    You will bring more clarity to the chaos of your thoughts. This will lead you to better decision-making, innovative thinking and achieving more.


    You will be able to let go of distracting thoughts in your daily life. That means you can finally create the focus you need for your priorities.


    You will experience a more intense and deeper sense of connection with yourself. You will also be able to improve your relationships with the people around you.


    You will be able to enjoy your life more because you are less stressed and more relaxed.You will simply feel good.

  • Program

    Let's spend the weekend together!

    This workshop is a 2-day program.

    Day 1


    Welcome: We meet at 10 am to start Day 1 at the Inside Out Office right at the train station in Lucerne.

    Connect: You get to know the people who will experience this workshop

    together with you.

    Understanding: We share with you the Inside Out understanding and how this will help you to find clarity and see the results and implications that come with the understanding.

    Exercises: The exercises will purposefully let you feel a deeper sense of connection with yourself and others.

    Group Coaching: The focus here is on individualized support, so you can

    get feedback, support and ideas that you need from the group.

    Closing: we will end Day 1 of the workshop together at 6 pm.


    // Please note: This is a rough outline of the agenda to give you an idea, but in the end, every workshop is different (except the starting and end times).

    Day 2


    As Day 1 can get quite intense, Day 2 will be more relaxed.

    We meet at 10 am in Lucerne for a delicious weekend breakfast with the group to digest what you have learned, talk about your open questions and enjoy our new friendships.

    Afterwards, we'll come together again in a workshop setting where we put our ideas from day 1 into action, so you can start creating results already here.

  • What Others Say

    What do our participants say about the workshop and what did they take out of it? Take a look and enjoy!

    Matthias, PhD Student

    "It was an awesome workshop and much different from all the others I attended at my university so far. It was not learning too many tools and facts from a teacher but rather learning from others and myself while we explored who we are and how our experience of life works."

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