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  • Our Approach

    Disruptive Impact by Understanding the Power of the Human Mind.


    We live in a world full of complexity and uncertainty. In such a world, it is normal for people to work with a feeling of stress. In fact, it almost became "en vogue" to be stressed. The problem is, as we all know, that people do a terrible job when they are in such a low state of mind. Implications are:

    • lack of team spirit
    • lack of motivation
    • decreased productivity
    • lack of leadership
    • disconnect from clients
    • decreased innovation
    • high employee turnover

    We believe this has to be different. In fact, we know it can be different.


    We found that the most effective way to transform any business is to transform the individuals working for that business. So we aim to approach and solve our clients' problems at their core – the human mind - much rather than dealing with the symptoms.


    We do this by using the Inside Out Understanding. An understanding that gives you and your employees a different perspective on how the mind works. Once people experience how the mind works, their mind tends to quiet down automatically. A quiet mind makes space for new insight. So, instead of giving people advice, complicated techniques or methods, we help your employees see that they themselves are the most powerful source for driving innovation and solving the companies challenges with ease. Once the power of the human mind will help you and the people in your business to thrive and create the results you want.


    Founded and experienced by Sydney Banks in 1973, the Inside Out Understanding is an approach that has been used for more than 40 years in hundreds of organizations all around the world. To find out more go to Resources.

  • How Your State of Mind Affects Your Performance

    In their 2014 Harvard Business Review article, researchers Andrew Caillet, Jeremy Hirshberg and Stefano Petti reported their findings from a survey of 740 leaders internationally. The aim of the survey was to determine the effect of the leaders’ state of mind on their effectiveness and performance. The researchers identified different states of mind, ranging from ‘depressed’ and ‘stressed’ to ‘happy’ and ‘euphoric’.

    94% of the leaders identified the states of mind that drove the highest level of performance as ‘calm’, ‘happy’ and ‘energized’.

    They showed low performance when they were in states of being ‘stressed’ and ‘frustrated’ and ‘anxious’.

    “When you’re stressed and frustrated it is much harder to see the state of mind you are in, and unless you have clear strategies to be aware of it when you are in it and then shift it, you more than likely will cause serious harm to yourself and your organization.”

    We don’t want this to happen in your teams and organizations. We support you and your employees to get from a low state of mind to a higher state of mind to drive performance.

    That way you get the results you want while staying clear-headed and relaxed.


    Read the Harvard Business Review article here

    Text excerpts taken from the book Results by Jamie Smart

  • Your Results.

    Here is what our clients experienced during and after working with us:

    higher team spirit and motivation

    After 90min of Coaching in a sales team of 5, one member described the results as follows: "I do not know exactly why, but I feel closer to my team than ever before. It's not that the people have changed, but it's more that I feel like we are one unit now."

    more innovation

    A regional head of a construction company struggled for months with coming up with a specific plan on how to grow the business in his region. After a 1 day workshop, he came up with concrete plan on how to increase the business by 40%. He had most of the insights within 15min of coaching.

    improved sales performance

    A sales rep at a tech company was facing such intense nervousness while talking to clients, that he sometimes forgot to breathe. This resulted in him talking extremely fast and not listening to the needs of the customers. After one single session of about 20min, he relaxed enough that he stopped having that problem at all during the rest of the day. His sales performance improved by 60%. A check-in after a few weeks revealed that he only experiences that problem once or twice a week now.

    increased productivity

    A regional sales manager was struggling with an exorbitant amount of daily emails. All of them were urgent. After one of our workshops, he realized that he could easily reduce his incoming emails by 90% simply by sending out one instructional email to his Store Managers. That way, he can focus more on other tasks now.

    deeper relationships

    A CEO of a health company was struggling with one of his key team members. She was on the verge of letting him go. After seeing the power of her own mind during a coaching session and how she was creating that feeling of disconnect between, him and her, she had an insight. 2 days later, both of them had a talk and solved their situation.

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