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You Will Never Feel Ready

Dear Friends,

Do you ever feel like you’re just not ready?

The moment before you go on stage to hold your speech.
The moment before you start working on a new project.
The moment before you talk to your very first client.
Or whenever you want to do something completely new in your life.
If someone would have asked me ‘Are you ready for this?’ when I organized a big event or the very first workshop, my answer would have been: ‘Ehm...No.’

I could have prepared more and practiced more. I could have asked for more opinions, made more research or done five dry-runs. But could I really ever be prepared enough for what was going to happen?
Here is THE biggest learning that I had this year and it comes back to me ever since:

You will never feel ready!
You can never really be 100 percent prepared for what is going to happen.

But if you don’t get started at all, you may be losing one of the best opportunities that will come your way.

What if the only thing that is really holding you back, is your thinking...

What if it is you believing and holding on to the thought that you are not ready...

Don't let your thinking stand in the way, let it go, and get started.
Two things showed up for me along the way. These may also be your best buddies when you get started:

Starting something new, such as a challenging project, is not the easiest thing to do.
Yes, uncertainty comes with it.
Yes, you don’t know how to do every little thing just yet.
And yes, that can be very scary at points.
But: that is okay. It is okay not to know everything.


Be ok with not knowing what the next step is.
Once you start, you will figure it all out along the way! Trust that the next step will show up.

And most importantly: You got what it takes already inside of you.
Please remember that the next time you start something new.
Because for me, the best things in life were the ones I thought I was not ready for, but made it happen anyway.

Take care,

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