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    A world where people and organizations access their true potential with ease.


    Kai Christen


    After more than 15 years of personal development and more than 10 years of coaching, I felt like even though my clients had great success, there was something missing. Despite my clients implementing their own realizations and my advice into their companies and private lives, the moment they took a break, the moment they stopped taking action, they immediately lost momentum.


    And it was the same for me, the moment I stopped "working" on myself and my business I felt like a failure. I instinctively knew that this was not sustainable for my clients as well as myself. That is when I came across the Inside Out Understanding 3 years ago. The moment I had my first insight into the nature of my own mind, I felt like this was what I wanted to share with the world. I feel like bit by bit, I get more and more relaxed and at the same time more productive, without doing anything different. Simply by realizing more and more the nature of life. I know this sounds like magic, but I promise you, the moment you realize it for yourself, you see how realistic and at the same time transformative it is.


    Here is an overview of my experience and my current activities:

    • since 2007: coaching in sales, leadership & communication
    • since 2015: coaching with the Inside Out Understanding. My mentor/coach is Chip Chipman, the founder of Vantage Consulting and the Three Principles Foundation. He was a close friend to Syd Banks, the founder of the Inside Out Understanding.
    • since 2014: speakers coaching at different TED-events
    • since 2014: teaching the module Visionary Leadership at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
    • since 2014: organized  and hosted two of the biggest self-development conferences in Switzerland called "Lifestyle Design Convention" 

    Sina Mehl


    I myself thought for a long time that I can only achieve great outcomes if I learned all methods and know every answer to any question. I was a typical Over-Thinker. I was doing a good job, but I was also stressed, energy-drained and I felt like it was blocking me from enjoying what I did in that moment.


    I got in touch with the Inside Out Understanding 2 years ago and something changed. I never felt so relaxed in a rather stressful time before. I could be at my best, perform even better and was able to enjoy the moment. First I thought this relaxed feeling would slip away, but it stayed until this moment.


    Realizing the Inside Out Understanding for myself had and still has a profound positive impact on my own life and especially on the work I do with others – in a training, coaching, and projects.


    I want to share this understanding with simplicity and integrity, and through that create great value for other people in business and in life.


    Here is an overview of my experience and my current activities:

    • since 2013: training and coaching in leadership, personal & team development, project management
    • since 2012: mastering project and event management

    • 2016 - 2017: working in business development in a start-up company in Berlin

    • 2012 - 2016: working in talent management/HR in companies and non-profit organizations

    • 2014 - 2016: organized and facilitated multiple 1-week seminars for leadership development for more than 350 students

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